From 980Ti to 1080 to Titan X REAL Quick!

Sure, this qualifies as certifiable insanity, but we suffer for the art dammit!  Here she is…

The Titan X (working fine in the AGA by the way, and 6700HQ business thread is still only hovering around 80 while GPU still hits 99% at 4k) gained about 10fps in Crysis 3 over the (overclocked) 1080 which had given about a 10 or so fps boost vs the 980Ti (factory overclocked) at 4k/Very High/No AA.
Interesting take away is that 980Ti->1080->Titan X is delivering tangible gains, but much less so if you compare OC to stock clocks. Have to keep the OC going. Good news is Pascal overclocks well. I had pushed the 1080 to +225/+500 base clock/RAM. I pushed Titan X to +200/+500. I had the 980Ti SC+ at +125/+400.
At 4k/Very High/NoAA on Welcome to the Jungle the results were:
980Ti +125/+400 : 25-40fps
1080 +225/+500  : 35-52fps
Titan +200/+500 : 45-63fps