New Travel Rig

Well I killed the P1610.  I have bad karma with devices.  It took a fall and the screen took one for the team.
The new road companion is the Sony TZ250N/N.  Screen is amazing, it oozes style and battery life has been phenomenal.  I lost the tablet functionality, but I find Ive been taking notes mainly on my HTC Advantage these days, so it wasnt a big loss.
Total travel weight with all of the same stuff in this nifty new ACME Slim Cargo bag ( is actually down to 5lb 11oz.  This is primarily since with the TZ the standard battery is all I need.  So even though the armored ACME bag is a bit heavier than my paper thin Evangelion bag, and the TZ is a few oz heavier than the P, its a net weight loss on total travel weight.  Incidentally, the same AC adapter I was using with the P, the Vaio picturebook adapter from ages ago which is still the coolest AC adapter ever with a self winding cord, collapsible plug and 7.5oz weight, actually works with the TZ as well.  Funny that I never owned a Picturebook yet its adapter is one of my favorite gadgets ever.
So the TZ is a pretty good slam dunk.  I’m getting about 5.5hrs of intense usage (wifi and ethernet on, lots of disk access, 50% brightness) which is better than what I was getting on TWO batteries on the P, and the TZ is a lot faster with its Core 2 Duo 1.2Ghz U7600.  Breaking a device and essentially tossing out money is always painful, but the ending was at least semi happy.