About Me, Resident Curmudgeon

I am a professional technologist with over 20 years of experience and vertical industry knowledge in telecommunications and financial services.  It’s reasonable to say that when it comes to technology, I live and breath the stuff!

Under my assumed identity of Resident Curmudgeon, I like to play with gadgets, tinker with fast cars, complain about things, write long diatribes, get frustrated over realities that are unlikely to change, consume lots of MMOs and read read read.  With the time I have left I try to be something more than a totally irresponsible father and husband to a feisty munchkin and a loving wife.

The bits below are all long stale, but rather than update them I’m leaving them as a bit of a time capsule since no one reads this anyway!


Oh… and I have also been known to mind meld with Trevor Reznik on… Tech4Cast!

Current CPU-Z System Validation:


Current GPU-Z System Validation:


YouTube Channel:


“The Beast” in its current form (it makes even the MacBook Pro Retina 15 worried about its chances at the “top gear in Complaints Inc HQ” spot!):




2 thoughts on “About Me, Resident Curmudgeon

  1. Karolyn H

    I liked your comments on an article about Social Network, and I wanted to add you to my facebook 🙂 but your name took me to twitter, and I hate twitter! I couldn’t find any way other than here to send you a message, so if you wanna add me to your fb, my email is kikisdragon@yahoo.com. Later.

    1. Hi, thanks for the kind words! I’ve been kind of elastic in my FB usage and these days keep it very minimal (close personal friends and family only), so any possible future privacy “whoops!” moments aren’t so impactful. I’ve started to use Twitter for broader personal and professional connections which is why I’ve been doing “post via” from Twitter instead. I’m not a big fan of Twitter either, but since so many folks are on it it seemed to fit the bill. I tend to do most of my rambling here anyhow 😉

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