Fujitsu P1610

New toy… The Fujitsu P1610.  So far so good.  Im adjusting to the keyboard more quickly than I thought I would and even large spreadsheets and long winded emails arent too painful.  A super portable like this is all about size and weight, so some points of trivia (as measured on my 5lb scale):
AC Adapter: 12 1/8 oz
Extended battery: 10 7/8 oz
Standard battery: 6 1/8 oz
Naked P1610: 1lb 13 1/8 oz
Extended battery: 2"
Standard battery: 1.25"
For comparison (I had a lot of free time to weigh things):
iPaq HX4700 with CF card, SF card and neoprene jacket: 11 5/8 oz
Treo 700W with SD card and body glove sleeve: 7 1/8 oz
Total travel weight including P1610 AC adapter, Pocket PC, two batteries and phone: 4lb 14.5 oz
"Bag of stuff" – goofy Evangelion small laptop bag, biz cards, laptop lock, mouse, USB hub, pen: 1lb 6.25 oz
Total of all crap in bag: 6lb 4.75oz 
Seems like a lot for some reason, but maybe Im getting spoiled!