Alienware Graphics Amp Part 9 – Fire Strike Ultra 1.1

Gaming benchmarks are great, but I believe synthetics still have their place as well.  Particularly the 3DMark series if for no other reason than their long history in this space and the comprehensive database of results that have built over the years.  Plus, they have kept pace with technology and stayed relevant.

To that end, I decided that the Fire Strike Ultra 1.1 benchmark was in order.  I ponied up the $24 to be able to run it at 4k and let it rip!  The results were very good indeed.  First up, the install screen and system spec overview.  It notices the GTX980Ti as expected and recommends Fire Strike Ultra:


And… the results are in!  Not bad at all!


Now for the comparo… The AW15 + Graphics Amplifier combo came in well ahead of a typical ‘VR Ready’ gaming rig and predictably behind the monster 4k gaming desktop. Considering the monster desktop is 980 SLI and an i7 4790K, and the AW combo landed much closer to the high end, this is a fantastic outcome!