I Finally Left “The Network” – Why?

Well, I never thought this day would come, but I left Verizon for AT&T.  The lure of the flexibility of a SIM based identity system had finally become too strong and HSDPA has actually gotten pretty good.
The catalyst was the great deal I got on an HTC Advantage ($450 at the CompUSA liquidation sale).  This is a very cool device and has finally replaced my venerable HX4705 as my primary computing device on the road when I dont feel like “lugging” the P1610.
To complement it I took the Samsung BlackJack II phone.  Battery life and performance of the BJ are excellent so far.  The 128MB RAM makes for a nice speedy device (sorry to the Windows Mobile Team blog – as clever as memory management in WM may be, these devices NEED RAM) and Im able to go a couple of days or normal usage without charging (probably something like 7 hours of talk time or so)