New Edition! GRID Autosport!

Well this might be considered evidence of insanity, but GRID has been acquired (despite being now ancient and not on sale!) expressly for the purpose of testing! (note to game devs: invest in a built-in benchmark loop – it leads to at least one sale!)

Complaints HQ is currently investigating the veracity of claims that PCI-E 8/8 vs 16/16 has somehow started to matter in high end SLI configs running at 4k.  Knowing the architecture in play here very well (from top to bottom), I am extremely skeptical.  That this is becoming the gospel according to “YouTube” and “Reddit” does not impress.  Particularly since the “proof” seems limited to a handful of anecdotal tests and one video, all focused specifically on BF 1 and Witcher 3 (neither of which have in game benchmarks. hmmm…)

One other game, however, that does seem to come up as demonstrating some difference (beyond margin of error) is GRID.  So without further ado, here it is!  (Note: vid includes first few frames of “proof” of the max fps achieved with recording off)


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