Ray Ozzie and Big Vision(tm)

This one is short and sweet.  If there was any further proof needed that Ray Ozzie is an industry titan, Live Mesh is it.  This is the first “baby” he is giving birth to at MSFT and it is a healthy 10lbs plus.  Ray is a true example of someone who “gets it” and this is exactly the kind of investment MSFT should be making moving forward.  A service which extends the current computing paradigm, bridging to the future in a way that will be meaningful for real users.
“The cloud” is inevitable in terms of the impact and transformational effect it will have on computing and lifestyles, but no one has yet demonstrated exactly how this is going to happen (no, not Google either).  Ray has done that with Live Mesh.
I can only hope that he is given the full power he will need to steer MSFT where it needs to go.

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