Reverend Wright, PLEASE leave the building…

OK, this is an easy one.  I have no problem with Reverend Wright, was not particularly shocked by what he had to say (to the contrary, I agree with many of his assertions) and certainly would not hold Barack Obama accountable for what his pastor says any given Sunday.
That said, it is now time to stop.  From the Moyers interview to the NAACP address, what we are seeing now is nothing more than grandstanding in the service of ego.  This would be fine if it wasn’t directly arming Barack’s opponents.  This is a tough and pitched battle against an opponent that is both tenacious and voracious (HRC).  Barack is fighting for every inch and, I think, performing brilliantly.  What a horrible shame it would be if this non-issue where to scuttle his chances.
But that is exactly what might happen.  Everytime Wright speaks he arms HRC and the GOP with another 100 sound bites.  I see vociferous support for him on the left, but what they don’t seem to be realizing is they are the choir.  Barack needs more than just his core base to win the primary, much less the general.  Barack understands the importance of unity and reaching across the aisle.  Wright says he is "a politician" and that is exactly the point.  Would Wright prefer a USA lead by McCain?  Because in feeding Baracks detractors, that is exactly what he is helping to bring about.

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