Nightblade Build – Gaming Benchmarks Part I – Metro 2033 Redux

The system is up and running well.  One note is that I found “Gaming Mode” had to be left off in the BIOS to get anything approaching stability.  I did set the multiplier to a fixed 4.4Ghz for all 4 cores and stability is great with a Prime95 maximum heat session running the cores to 69C and stabilizing after 12 hours.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 11.23.27 PM

For the first gaming benchmark, I decided to revisit Metro2033 Redux which is still punishing due to (IMO) poor software optimization.  I recently grabbed an Elgato HD60 and this capture is its maiden voyage!

Average: 65.9

Max: 220.8

Min: 9.3

And for the curious, same system, second run, but with PhysX OFF this time.  In Metro advanced physx remains a huge hit on minimum fps even on the most modern GPUs.  I think this points to poorly optimized implementation as the in game effects are barely noticeable.

Average: 70.9

Max: 182.3

Min: 23.9


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