Alienware Graphics Amp Part 4 – The Agony of Metro

No benchmarking series would be complete without the pain and anguish of Metro 2033.  Why oh why must you hurt us 4A!  In this case I did both 2033 Redux and Last Light Redux.  First up, Last Light, run with the following settings :


And the results.  Not good by any stretch of the imagination, but also right in line with expected GTX980Ti 4k performance:


Next up, the original and still reigning champ of pain, Metro 2033 (Redux).  Same settings:


And the results are even worse!  But of course still in line with expectations and basically on par with Last Light:


So once again, another win for the Graphics Amplifier in terms of being able to deliver performance on par with a normal desktop setup.  Looks like the x4 slot is doing OK!


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