Alienware Graphics Amp Part 7 – Rise of the Tomb Raider

Next up is the new widow maker.  Crysis enjoyed a long run.  Metro carried on the proud tradition.  But today, if your goal is to feel bad about $2000 worth of hardware you need look no farther than Rise of the Tomb Raider.   The TL;DR here is that 4K max is not happening without 3 way SLI or quad xfire.  That said, it’s still interesting to see what a single 980Ti can pull off (especially in the Graphics Amp).

All settings were set to custom/max with AA on SMAA and both 1080p and 4k were tested.  Recordings were done using the XBox DVR because for some reason both FRAPS and ShadowPlay refuse to work on this config.  The DVR was no problem on 1080p but caused a bad hit on 4k (no surprise).  Testing was done using the new in game benchmark and DirectX 12.

One important note is that the game must be set to Exclusive Fullscreen.  Regular Fullscreen is actually borderless Windowed and causes a huge framerate impact.

Anyhow, on to the results starting with the good stuff (4k).  Damn impressive showing, holding nearly 35fps with maxed out settings at 4k.  This is absolutely playable framerate and looks amazing:


And here is the video.  Note again that the DVR caused a big fps hit, but still useful to see how gorgeous these visuals are!

Out of curiosity I disabled AA altogether (very questionable value at 4k on a 15″ panel honestly) and the results were very compelling indeed! (hint- this is how I actually play it):


And now 1080p.  Keeping  a perfect 60fps lock.  Actual uncapped framerate was 87fps as can be seen in the recording:


And here is the video.  Note uncapped fps near 90:

This is a really incredible showing by the Graphics Amp and the GTX980Ti on what is pretty much the worst case possible – Rise of the Tomb Raider!



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