The New Build VI: BioShock Infinite and GTA V

Let the recordings continue!  BioShock Infinite, 4k custom settings set to max.  Final results:

Per Scene Stats:

Scene Duration (s)            Average FPS  Min FPS  Max FPS  Scene Name
32.78                                      151.49              20.16       677.72     Welcome Center
22.10                                      210.30              73.19       363.87     Town Center
8.04                                        211.20              92.37       398.71     Raffle
9.03                                        312.44              78.85       422.32     Monument Island

82.01                                      198.46              20.16       677.72     Overall

Pretty insane spread.  The minimum to max ratio is absolutely ridiculous.  That said, the actual experience is extremely smooth and I suspect an FCAT view would show very minimal frames at min:

Next up, GTA V.  Again using the handy in game benchmark.  Settings are pushed to the limit including first level of every type of AA enabled, all sliders to the right, etc.  GTA V bench doesnt give a final frame count for some strange reason, but you can see that framerate lives about 60fps (often well above) throughout.  Absolute minimum seems to be about 57fps or so:




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