PC Madness

The insanity continues unabated… I believe I must have a chemical addiction to technology…  For posterity, I just have to take inventory on these pages:
The Beast – Gen 2
Core i7 Extreme @ 3.8Ghz (on air), 6GB DDR3 1600, Antec 1200 case, Thermaltake ToughPower 1200W PSU, 2xEVGA GTX280 SC in SLI @ 650/1400, 300GB WD Raptor, 1TB WD Caviar, LG BluRay writer, Merc Stealth, Razer Lachesis, Gateway FPD2485W – Vista Ultimate x64
The Beast – Gen 1 (now under the wifes desk)
QX6700 @ 3.47Ghz (on water), 4GB PC6400, Kandalf LCS case, BFG 1000W PSU, Swiftech Apogee GT block, MCP300 pump, 2xEVGA 8800GTX in SLI @ 625/1000, 3x250GB WD Caviar, LG DL DVD-R, Merc Stealth, Razer Copperhead, Acer 2205 – Vista Home Premium x64
The Main Mac
G5 dual 1.8Ghz, 3.5GB RAM, 2x120GB SATA/150, Studio Display 17 – OSX 10.5.6 Leopard"
The Old mac
G4 dual 450Mhz (gigE), 640MB RAM, 2x80MB ATA 133 – OSX 10.3.4 Panther
Shuttle SN54G, AMD 4200+, 1GB RAM, EVGA 7800GTX, Saitek KB, MS Mouse – Vista Ultimate x32
The Old School
Escom Amiga 4000T, 68060 @ 50Mhz, 18MB RAM, Toaster Flyer 4000, Kitchen Sync, Drive-In SCSI tower (2x9GB, 1x2GB) Commodore 1084s, Mediator PCI, 10/100 PCI ethernet, Deneb Zoro III USB, Voodoo 5 PCI – OS 3.9
WD MyBook 1TB, ARMTej/Optware Linux… Very very hacked (Martin Hinner is the man)… SAMBA, DNS, ByRequest, CUPS, Twonky, TorrentFlux, 1TB external USB
Mobile 1
Sony TZ250, 2GB RAM, 2Ghz Core 2 Duo, 120GB HDD – Vista Enterprise x32
Mobile 2
Fuji U820 UMPC, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, 8GB CF, 4GB SD – Vista Home Premium x32
Mobile 3
HTC Advantage 7501, XDA Dev Black ROM, 8GB microSD – Win Mo Pro 6.1

HTC Touch Pro, 16GB micro SD, stock ROM (for now) – Win Mo Pro 6.1
The MAME machine
Dream Arcades 4 player cocktail table (excessive, but really fun)  Dell Optiplex Northwood P4 @ 2.4Ghz w/ 512MB RAM and WinXP tucked away in there.
The Consoles
XB360 Pro, XB360 Elite, XB, PS2, PS3 20GB, GC, Wii, Virtual Boy, Vectrex, Neo Geo AES
The Portables
PSP (2000 hacked and 1000 vanilla), DS, DS Lite, Game Axe, Nomad, Gameboy, Gameboy Advanced, GBA SP, GB Micro, Nokia NGage, Neo Pocket, Neo Pocket Color

Photos of most of the gear in the "PC" album


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