vCOPs and You!

One thing that becomes even more painfully clear than it already is when considering hybrid cloud (or pure play public cloud) scenarios is that operationalizing technology is hard.  The reality is that cloud doesn’t make this any easier.  Perhaps a greenfield environment built with modern tools end-to-end would be a different story, but most core IT shops are forced to drag along lots of legacy operations while also grappling with the emerging dev-ops models taking root in their business unit partners.

The good news is that the tooling in the virtualization space continues to get better.  Last entry I walked through some of what can be done with vCAC in terms of a broader ITSM 2.0 context (just scratching the surface really).  This entry I decided to highlight another great tool in the VMware arsenal and that is around the management and monitoring space – vCenter Operations.  I’ll be using this entry to take a deeper dive into what you can do with vCOPs, and also exploring some cloud based scenarios, but for now, just a teaser of vCOPs up and running in the lab:

The basic portal view – overall organizational health index here:


Deeper data exposed at the entity level on the Operations tab:

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 11.23.52 PM


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