Is it Still a Conspiracy if its True?

Im not normally conspiracy minded (not too badly anyway) but if one had a, lets say 4 decade plan, for the disenfranchisement of the American people and the transfer of the wealth of an entire nation into the hands of a very few, it MIGHT go something like this:

1) transfer ownership of land from individuals to banks through artificially inflated home values

2) stimulate massive short term debt based spending to create hyper growth and an indentured servant class

3) privatize banking

4) reduce regulations and increase tax loopholes for the top end

5) break unions

6) eliminate manufacturing base to shift control of production out of the hands of the populace and help break unions

7) privatize all social assistance – health care, retirement, disability

8 ) relax restrictions on corporate investment, encourage globalization, assist corporate incursion oversears

9) limit participation in democracy through distraction and irresponsible education

10) distract the masses with social issues

Hmmm… seems familar.


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